Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Samples, woo-hoo!

Yesterday I got a big box of samples, hooray! It is always such fun to see how the finished products come out. This is an example of one of my flags. One of these days I think I am going to have to open a shop, because my basement is full of samples. The flags and cards don't take much room, but the puzzles are stacked all the way up the walls. Someday Hubby will come downstairs and find me buried under an avalanche of boxes! Last year I had a sale of samples to benefit Wounded Warriors, but this year I'm going to have to have it in a better location, as my living room just didn't cut it!

If you have time today, check out Michelle Palmer's blog (the link is at the right) and see the collages she has made of vintage paper ephemera. I collect that sort of thing too, so I love seeing what she has done with it. And she is having a nifty giveaway too!

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