Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Cozy Day

My teenage son Ian is a wonderful sculptor and very creative. This picture is of a school project he did. They took it down to Old Town on Friday night and set it up. All the passers-by were admiring it and asking questions and Ian was really the star of the show that night. I'll post more pics when I get them. Our camera battery died, naturally, but Ian's teacher took lots of photos.

Brr, its cold today! Our house is cocooned in snow and fog. I am the first one up, as usual, and I am enjoying the quiet time in my studio with a hot cup of tea. It is the perfect day to stay indoors and be busy. I am re-organizing my studio, finally, after it got so bad that I had to keep the door shut when people came over because I was ashamed of it! The trouble is, art supplies are so cool, and so much fun, that I accumulate a lot of them. I have bought some do-it-yourself cabinets to put together and soon my favorite room will be all spic and span!


  1. Wonderful wonderful Jane! I love seeing and hearing your thoughts!! love how you slid right into Photoshop too. Well done my friend!

  2. Jane.... by the way, I LOVE your son's work. It is so cool he is an artist too. -Les