Monday, February 8, 2010

A Book Review

These pictures sre from my friend Victoria Lisi's new book. The beautiful girl in the hat is my daughter Margaret! This is a really great book for anyone who wants to paint portraits. Vicki is a hugely experienced illustrator, and she also teaches art at the local college, so she really knows what she is talking about. The things I found most useful were her tips on things like painting hair (why is it that I can paint hair on kittens and puppies, but when I paint people it looks like they are wearing a wet possum for a hat?), and her color charts for mixing skin tones. And I love the homemade splayed brush.

It has been one of those mornings that always seem to happen on a Monday. Woke up to more snow (and I am so ready for snowdrops and crocusses!), a sick child, and a computer monitor that is on the fritz. All of a sudden, the top half of the monitor has gone dark, while the bottom half is fine. Adjusting the brightness doesn't help. Does anyone have any tips? I think I'll have to give working on Photoshop a miss until I get it sorted out. Oh well, my paints have been calling to me anyway!

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