Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Next?

Today I finished the last piece of art for my 2013 calendar (it's amazing how far ahead we have to work), and now my thoughts are turning to what I should paint next. My assignments are all finished for a while, so I can paint what I want. The trouble is, my head is so full of ideas that I can't sort them out into which one I should start first! Does that ever happen to you?

I have been trying all sorts of new things, but I can't seem to settle on what fits me best, so then I think I should go back to my usual work. Then I worry that the clients are bored with that, so I am all in a muddle these days! I am looking forward to getting feedback from my agent when Surtex is over, so I can see which of my new pieces our clients responded to. Meanwhile, I will continue to paint what is in my heart, even though that changes from day to day!