Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jane's assistant here! I will be guest blogging to help with Jane's workload. It is sample day here at the studio.  Here are some beautiful new journals and a photo album from Enchante that will be going on sale at Ross. What a great way to organize your thoughts and memories! We're looking forward to lots of fun new products from this company this Spring.

Do any of you have any thoughts or input on what you you would like to see updated more frequently? We would love to hear them!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Atlanta Gift Show 2013

Time for another trip to Atlanta for the winter gift show! I love going to this show. It is so stimulating to see new products and I am always so happy to hang out with my artist friends! Since I work at home most of the time, getting out to shows like these is just vital. The America's Mart, where the show is held is huge. There are three buildings that range fro 15-18 stories tall. There are 5000 permanent showrooms, and 3000-5000b temporary showrooms.

This gives you an idea of the size of the Mart. This was taken on the 18th floor at the top of the escalator, and yes, it was very scary to hang over the edge and snap the photo!
And here is a view of the temporary showrooms.
One of the most fun things about the show is finding the products with my art. So, to show that I am not a snob when it comes to which products I will license to, let me present: Toilet Tattoos! Ta-da!
Of course, there were lots of flags showcasing my art. This is one of my favorite product categories. I love designing for flags.
Evergreen has come out with a nifty new product; greeting cards with an enclosed flag. What a fun thing to get in the mail!
It is always fun to design for home decor. Here is a pillow from C&F Enterprises. They did kitchen towels as well.
And mugs are always fun. The Rustic Lodge line from Downeast concepts also has matching stationery products.
But "hangin' with my peeps" is always one of the best parts of the show. But yikes, I look a bit drunken there, don't I! Believe me, I only had iced tea that night! What a wonderfully kind and talented group of friends I have made through this career I have chosen. I am very blessed. In this photo are Joy Molina Hall, Sharon Himes, Terri Conrad, and me when we went out to dinner on Friday night. Three days of laughing, hugging, and inspiration, and now I am ready to get back to painting, hooray!