Saturday, January 21, 2012

Atlanta Gift Show

Okay, so one of my New Year's resolutions was to keep up with this blog better...and then preparations for the Atlanta Gift show kicked in and everything else went out the window! The Atlanta show is the biggest conference for the gift market each year.

There are three huge buildings that comprise the AmericasMart. The tallest is 18 stories. This is the interior of one of them. Each building is full of showrooms of just about every manufacturor for the gift shop industry that you can imagine. It is so much fun to meet with clients and see my products on their shelves!

Here I am in the Legacy showroom with my 2013 calendar.

And of course I had lots of flags. You know how much I like designing for flags! This one is called "Strawberry Jam" and is a FlagTrends flag from Carson.

I like painting kittens just as much as I like painting birds! I'm starting to look a little overwhelmed here. We took lots of photos in the Carson showroom.

So I'm not even in this photo. Here is my new ceramics line, "Vintage Zinnias" available from, you guessed it, Carson Home Accents!

But it isn't all about showing off new products. One of the best parts of going is that I get to hang out with my artist buddies. Here is the whole gang at the Westin bar on Friday night after a busy day at the show. You can tell that it was like herding cats to get us all in one shot, but we were just so happy to see each other!

I came home from the show so inspired that I have hardly stopped painting since! Love it.