Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Studio

I know I love looking at pictures of other artist's studios, so I thought I'd post some of mine. I have been trying to get organized. I tend to work on so many projects at once that I end up with piles of research and sketches all over the place, and I end up having to tip-toe between them! I built the white cabinets over the weekend (with much help from the family who rescued me when I assembled bits upside down or backwards).

I have various antique shelves and drawers as well. I use this one to store some of my still life objects and a few examples of my large collection of antequarian books. The watercolor in the background is of my son, and was painted by Victoria Lisi, who wrote the book I reviewed a few days ago. The small clock was a wedding present that my grandparents received 80 years ago!

I collect pottery from places I visit and use it to store brushes and pencils. This is one of my favorites. It comes from Maine, where my brother and I took a fantastic vacation a couple of years ago. I adore my brother, and we frequently take little vacations together. I love going to the coast, so I am setting my sights on Nantucket for our next trip!


  1. Jane,
    Your studio looks wonderful, mine is a mess even after decluttering 3 bags worth of worthless stuff. Good luck this year and Happy Painting.

  2. Thanks! I still have quite a bit to do, but at least I can find the floor now!

  3. Oh, what a nice feeling to clean up one's studio,Jane. It's fun to see your props and setup. A good combination of tools and inspiration.
    Just as your blog helped me get started on mine, may these tidy photos remind me to address my clutter.