Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer? Already?

I think we are going to skip Spring altogether this year. Two weeks ago we had snow, and yesterday we had to put on our shorts! I was looking forward to several weeks of shirtsleeves and jeans, but at least this means we can get our garden going. Mr Right bought me some new rosebushes for Mother's day, and we managed to squeeze them in. Maybe today I'll tackle the crowds at the garden center.

So, of course, now that Summer is here, it is time for me to stop painting summer images! It is rather difficult to get used to, but in this business the clients always work a long way ahead, because it takes so long to get the products to the marketplace. My clients are starting to think Fall and Winter and I need to paint accordingly. It is so hard to paint a snowman when you are hot and wearing shorts! And to paint snow in general when you are surrounded by the brightest flowers that are just begging to be captured in watercolors! I still have a few clients who will be asking for summer scenes for a couple more months, but many have wrapped up their summer catalogs.

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