Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Birds are Back!

Does anyone remember the old Far Side cartoon where the people are looking at their garden and saying, "The slugs are back, the slugs are back! Yay, it's Spring!" Well, I kind of feel like that. The birds are starting to come back to the yard again. Redwing blackbirds, gold finches, house finches, hooray! And our apple tree has blossoms on it for the first time ever. I will be so excited if we actually get some fruit.

All of a sudden there are blossoms everywhere. Yesterday I got a call from a client saying they needed a promo photo. Well, I think I am terribly unphotogenic, but decided that I would see if we could take some that weren't too frightening. Ian does a pretty good job with the camera, so we found some trees that were in bloom and gave it a shot in between gusts of wind. Oh dear... well, at least I have a good personality!

And boy, was it windy the other day! We had gusts up to 100 mph. The roofs of both the rabbit hutch and the beehive blew off, but fortunately the residents stayed inside where it was cosy.

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  1. SWEET photograph! Love it! We're enjoying the return of our feathered friends, too! Last night a Rose Breasted Grosbeak was munching on sunflower seeds... such sweet songs~
    It has been a very windy spring... glad all are okay!