Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Mess!

Its official, the basement is starting to overflow, so it is time for another sample sale (and sale to try to shift a bunch of other stuff too!) I really need to get to the basement and organize and price everything. I wish I had bigger folding tables!

These are just a few of the puzzles stacked up. I probably do more puzzles than any other category, and I usually get six samples of each design, so they add up really quickly!!

There are boxes and boxes of cards-way more than I could ever send in my lifetime! (and not just because I don't know that many people!)

And let's not forget the flags! These are just a few. I have about twenty designs, and I get samples in both large and small sizes. They are in very slippery plastic wrappings, so they are difficult to stack and usually end up sliding off the shelves onto the floor. (Someday I'll get a hanging rack.) I tend to give the proceeds of selling samples to charity, so I need to decide where to send it this time. Last time I supported Wounded Warriors and felt great about that, so I will probably just continue to do so.

So I will be spending my Sunday downstairs, where I hope the spider population has diminished somewhat over the winter. At least it is supposed to be a rainy afternoon, so I won't feel too guilty for being indoors!

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