Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pretty Bird

Look at this pretty dove that I got from Michelle Palmer! (her blog link is at the right). She has been making these sweet little drawings on vintage linen. Don't you love the eggy border? Now I just need to figure out how to frame it. Does anyone have an idea of how to mount it onto acid-free matboard without damaging the linen or having any adhesive show through?

It has been like Christmas around here. In addition to Michelle's dove, the postman also delivered a big box of samples, yay! Just in time for my mother's visit. I hope she has plenty of room in her suitcase to take some goodies home! These are just a few of the items from the line, which is called Fruit Stand and is made by Highland Graphics. I couldn't resist using some of them to serve treats at Bunco last night. Getting samples always makes me fired up to paint extra hard, so I can do some more fun products!

(Does anyone know why Blogspot tends to move things around in my posts? I'll get all the pictures placed, and spaces between my paragraphs, but when I click "publish post" everything seems to shift on its own accord!)


  1. Jane, I used spray adhesive to adhere Michelle's little robin on fabric to a small blackboard. You do have to tape off the areas on the board that you don't want adhesive to stick to. Just measure around the circle of fabric first. I only sprayed the surface of the board, not the fabric. It doesn't show through. You could easily do this on the surface you have chosen.


  2. Doesn't she have the prettiest drawings? I adore them and you got yourself a treasure!

    Here is something that you can use instead of a spray adhesive:
    You would just need to do it in a few little areas around the edge.
    An alternative is to gently stitch it (even with little white buttons!) onto a backer fabric, and then wrap the backer fabric around acid-free poster board.

  3. Jane that product looks so beautiful with your artwork!! Lovely dove from your friend also!

  4. You're a gem!
    Congratulations on your fabric and gorgeous momma-made quilt... and such a very pretty collection from Highland Graphics!
    Hope you're having a wonderful visit with your mom!