Monday, May 24, 2010

Quilting Fun

Blogging has been very sparse lately, I know. I have been taking some days off work to spend time with my dear mother. Mum is a talented quilter, so she was very excited to get my very first fabric collection, "Purrfect Garden".

Isn't she lovely? I am supposed to save the quilt for my first grandchildren, so I'll need to make sure I store it carefully, rolled up in a pillowcase.

Here it is draped over another heirloom; the rocking horse my brother made. He's a very good woodworker and even made his own boat! I sure seem to come from a clever family. I am very sentimental and love surrounding myself with things made by my loved ones.


  1. Hello Mum!!
    She is adorable and I love her quilt!!

  2. Oh and Congrats on this lovely fabric Jane!