Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Mess!

What a mess! When you get very busy, do you find that the papers seem to just stack up and up? I'm drowning in a sea of reference photos, sketches, paintings, etc. I keep intending to tidy everything up once I finish a current project, but the next project comes along so quickly that I don't have the time! ( at least, that is what I have been telling myself)

Look at this stack of finished paintings waiting to be put away! It may not look like it, but there are 23 paintings in that pile! Well, posting these photos has made me realize I should stop making excuses, and just get everything taken care of. I know I will work much better once everything is tidy....


  1. I work much better when everything is tidy, but it's very satisfying to see a table like this, full of finished work!

  2. Jane, yours looks neat compared to my work space and wheee you should see the pile on the top of my scanner. One of these days I am going to catch up,famous last words.

  3. Yes'm I find myself buried in papers, books, pencils, you name it! It's an every day job to clean up after myself and make room for the actual ART! LOL!


  4. Hi Jane, my creative space is small, so whenever I start a project it really gets piled up! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me comment!

  5. Hi Jane - I can relate! I exposed some of my studio habits a short while ago. I had every intention of showing updated, cleaned up spaces but, it hasn't happened. Thanks for you visit today and your comment. Good to meet you.

  6. good morning Jane,

    it's creativity in action - if someone knows a way around this I'd sure like to know. I just may have to show mine :o)

    Hey, thank you for stopping by and sharing your sweet thoughts about blogging. Perspective is everything, and know our audience.


  7. Oh Jane this looks very organized to me. With Surtex around the corner my art and studio supplies have taken over my home.

  8. Hi Jane! I’m so happy you will be joining me for the Where Blogger’s Create party this year! I think it’s going to be great fun and probably bigger than last year! Jo is offering some great prizes isn’t she??? And don't forget, it doesn't matter how big or fancy your studio is... only that you create in it! I’ll be in touch!!

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