Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Gray Day

It is a gray and cloudy day today, chilly too. On days like this it is lovely to curl up in a nice warm house, wearing the sweater Mr Right gave me for Christmas, and look through the family photo albums (and probably do a bit of painting too, naturally!). The cool dampness makes me think of England, where my extended family lives. I have been thinking of them a lot lately, so that is the album I chose.

This is my aunt and uncle's house, with my little angel out front. (okay, the picture was taken a long time ago!). The house is about 600 years old, I believe, although the site has been occupied since Roman times. This cottage has to be one of the most tranquil places I have ever been, and I will always remember it as one of my favorite spots.

This is where Mr Right proposed, all those years ago. It is called Willy Lot's Cottage, and features in one of John Constable's paintings. It is a famous spot, and last time I was there they had turned it into an art center. There is a river that runs in front of it, and Mr R and I were in a little rowboat when he went down on one knee (since life isn't like the movies, the boat didn't tip over). We hadn't seen each other for the whole year before that, because he had been teaching in Africa, and we got married six weeks later. I think my parents were quite worried, as I was only twenty and still in college, but we are still in love 24 years later so I think it was the right thing to do!


  1. Oh, Jane. What lovely homes and what a perfect spot for a marriage proposal. All these years later I'm sure you can look back fondly on all the changes to tides and currents as you've kept your vessel afloat.
    Your newly licensed images look great on the throws and other home decor products. What a thrill to see the quality of the bird stopper. Adorable and perfectly in keeping with your style. The poster for Debbie Leggat is simply wonderful, too.Hooray for licensing!

  2. Jane, That Constable painting is my favorite. What a treasured memory you have of your husband's proposal! Perfect!

  3. happy Sunday Jane, oh my what a fabulous place to visit. How I dream of one day owning my own very old cottage.

    Yes, please do feel free to add my blog link to yours and I will do the same.

  4. Lovely, lovely place! I can not imagine a house being lived in for 600 hundred years. Wow! How many stories those walls must know!
    I added a link to your blog in mine.


  5. How beautiful! But it is a shame that the boat didn't tip! ;-)