Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clever Girl

I'm a proud Mama of both my kids. My son is a very talented artist, and so is my daughter. This is her first design that she had licensed. It is a set of cards from Papyrus. She sketches designs in her sketchbook, and then we sit together to add color. She loves getting her royalties checks in the mail, as you can imagine! Poor thing got her braces put on yesterday, so she is hurting a bit today. She is keeping an amazing attitude about it all though.

Blogging will probably be fairly light for a little while. I am absolutely swamped with work, since Surtex is approaching so quickly!


  1. Adorable design. Your daughter is on her way!

  2. Jane, congratulations to your daughter! This is wonderful! :-)

    That was a cute story about your aunt's washing machine.

    Hope all your Surtex prep goes quickly!


  3. Jane your daughter has amazing talent!
    Congratulations on her deal, how exciting!!

    Ha does this mean I shall see you at Surtex or is this artwork you will be giving to your agent to show at Surtex?