Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nature Walk

My favorite form of exercise is to take a nice walk in lovely weather. I sometimes go with dear Rosanna, and she thinks I am quite crazy, because by the time I get home my pockets are full of dead bugs and things! I just can't resist nature's little treasures, and I have a couple of drawers in my studio devoted to my finds. And yes, they do often end up in my paintings! (by the way, I never kill bugs to bring home or anything, but I will pick up their little bodies if I find them. You can all say "Yuck!" very loudly now).
This photo is of some of my Autumn finds. Look at the variety of sizes of acorns! The giant acorn cap is from a Burr oak. And I love dried seedheads, like the poppy and teasel shown here. Soon I will be looking for Spring things, hooray!

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