Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is It Tuesday Already?

I don't know where the days go. Remember when summer days used to be endless? Now it seems like they go by at the speed of light. School starts next week and we are starting to look forward to Autumn.

Yes, it is way to early to be decorating with cornucopias, but I have been playing with some still life ideas. In my business, you have to think a season ahead, so I spend the summer painting Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas ideas, and in the winter I paint flowers! No wonder I am so confused! I thought for Teacup Tuesday I would use this teacup, which has an Autumnal feel, and is one of my favorites.

This cup is made by Myott Meakin. Years ago, when I was an illustrator at Hallmark Cards, there was a department store across the street called Halls (yes, it was owned by the same family). My friends and I would spend happy lunch hours there, taking advantage of the employee discount. One day I saw this set of dishes in the china department, and liked them so much I just had to buy them. I should look at the Replacements site, because this set has been well used, and some of the plates and things are broken.

Thanks again to Martha's Favorites and Artful Affirmations for hosting! Their links are on the right side of the page.


  1. Nice tea set you have displayed there and the cornucopia display of course. I'm not ready for fall yet though...I refuse ;)
    Stopping by from Tea Cup Tuesday.

  2. Hello :) A lovely fall vignette you have displayed with your charming tea cup :) I agree with you, summer is definitely flying by!!

    Happy Tea Tuesday!!

    Warmest, Brenda

  3. Very pretty, and it looks lovely with your autumn vignette. However, I must admit, I'm NOT ready for the end of summer. I am one of those gals that would prefer to live in year-round summer, so I'm kind of ignoring the fact that fall will be here fairly soon.


  4. Hello, you have shown us such a pretty cup, and with a nice story too!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us,

  5. Your teacup is very pretty - I like the florals with the little blackberries. The cornucopia is lovely too.

    Yes, the summer days have flown by. My two grandsons are in their second week of school already.

  6. Beautiful, as always your sense of style is impeccable. Though it has been such a beautiful summer and I will only let it go reluctantly. Sending you a warm smile and wishes to enjoy the last lovely bits of summer. I am doing all seasons of art, too. Just working on Mother's Day today... like you say, no wonder we are confused!