Monday, June 7, 2010

Yes, We Have No Tomatoes

Well, I had a minor disaster over the weekend. I decided I would try to dye some of the gray out of my hair (oh, what price vanity!). I bought a box of nice, warm brown dye with a picture of a very pretty lady on the front. Well, somehow, either the wrong dye was put in the box, or they left out some ingredients, or the lady on the box just wandered randomly into the shot, because my hair ended up RED. Tomato red, ketchup red, radioactive Cadmium red. As I tried to rinse it out, the shower looked like that scene in Psycho where the blood is running down the drain.
Hubby comes home later, and manages not to say anything, although he might have been tipped off by my covering my head with my hands and screaming "Don't look at me!" So I need to go to the grocery store to buy some dark brown dye to try and cover it up. #1 Son decides to accompany me and convinces me to stop at a car dealership, since he is shopping for his very first car. I was so embarrassed! Especially because the radioactive red had only covered some of my hair, so I had gray patches showing through.
The dark brown now covers most of the red, although it still shows through. I feel like one of those 90 year old ladies who should have white hair, but dye their hair as dark as they can and think that nobody notices. Mum says maybe its a sign that I should just give in to the gray!


  1. Mercy me,Jane don't you know that as artist's we have earned every one of those grey hairs. As ex-hairdresser in my past life, I have just let it go, no color for the past 20 years, I now have white streaks...but at my age who cares...

  2. Jane, I certainly hope somebody got a picture of you as a red head....

  3. I understand. I used to be a hairstylist. Every time I start thinking I'll go grey I just can't stand it and go buy more color.