Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy Days

Things are busy here at the studio, as usual! It seems to be sample time, too. I love seeing how my products turn out.
I got two big boxes of sample goodness from my agent the other day, and she says two more are on their way. Lots of puzzles, of course, and flags, and some nice stationery products.
Here are some pretty new journals from Enchante. They are available at Ross stores.
I love this group of four puzzles from Holdson. 
Unfortunately, I think they are only available in New Zealand and parts of Europe.
Here is a close up.
In other news, the Surtex show in New York is fast approaching, and like all my artist chums, I am painting away so I have lots of exciting new art to show. I am just bursting with new ideas and I don't know what to paint first!

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