Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Paintin' Peacocks

I am still painting away on peacocks and just loving all the colors! I thought you might like to see this painting in progress. Thank goodness for gouache paints, because the tail needs lots of layers. I have done the underpainting of the feathers with Raw Umber watercolor (Daler Rowney is my fave brand of Raw Umber as it is warmer than some other brands). Now I am using a mixture of French Ultramarine and Turquoise gouache over the top. Finally, I will use blue and green watercolor pencils to finish. It is lots of fun to have so many tools at my disposal! I love to play with different mediums. My job is such fun!

I am also lucky to have good friends to walk with me on my journey. Yesterday I was really struggling with the background to place these birds on (using photoshop). I sent out a cry for help to a dear clever friend, and she helped me see what I should do. Big hugs going out to all my art friends today, even the ones I haven't met yet!


  1. It's beautiful, Jane, just as it is so I'm really looking forward to the finished piece!

    I've been struggling with Photoshop but beginning to make some headway with it at last. It's a wonderful program but SO much to learn and I don't know anyone else using it for handpainted patterns, which is a big disadvantage!

  2. Really nice, Jane. Kudos to you ~ I don't think I could tackle a peacock :-)

  3. Jane, what a challenge!
    The colours of a peacock change with every move.
    And such vibrant colours at the same time!
    Success! It looks great!
    Love from Holland,