Monday, June 18, 2012


Do you keep a sketchbook? I am addicted to the thin, softcover ones from Moleskine. They come in packs of two and are perfect for keeping in my purse. I like that they have fewer pages than the other sketchbooks because it is so satisfying to finish one up and then start on the next one! I haven't decided what my favorite pens are. I tend to use whatever is available!


  1. Neat little sketch!!!!
    Just today I noticed that I do keep them all (Im packing up my stuff for an upcoming move), and they all come in many different sizes and styles... But my favourite is also the Moleskine books (for sketching and for watercolours) and mine are also fit in my purse and I almost never go out without having one book in there. I love going back and look through my sketch books, find new ideas for paintings or just look though and see what I have been up too.

    1. I have sketchbooks all over the place! Usually half finished-I'll misplace one, and then start another, and leave them all over the house!