Monday, April 16, 2012

Silly Blogger!

Well, Blogger is being silly and won't let me type any more on the previous post! It isn't letting me type after I post photos on this post either! Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Anyway, the photo above is me with some of my products in a gift shop, and the mansion photo in the post below is were we had high tea. It is called the Miramont castle and is in Manitou Springs. Manitou is a very artsy, hippy village, with lots of galleries and cute boutiques. I liked the paintings on all the windows:

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  1. Sometimes Blogger plays up and you spend endless time to understand why.
    What I would do is: make a new post, copy your text and pictures and see what happens. Maybe there is a glitsch somewhere that you cannot see.
    I had trouble recently also with a picture, but even with kind people from the help forum we did not understand what happened.

    How wonderful your Mom is over at your place. She looks very vital and no doubt you will have a wonderful time together, so many things shared. I miss the dialogue with my mother who died when she was 94. Still a very blissful time to have your mother around for so long.
    Enjoy to the full!
    Happy day,