Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sample Time!

I love opening the front door and finding a great big box from one of my manufacturing partners. This week I got boxes from Carson Home Accents and Bits and Pieces Puzzles. I'll just show you a few things, but trust me, my basement is getting full! Here is a Summer floor mat from Carson. I am ready to see flowers again, aren't you?

I put this flag straight outside. I know I should have waited until after St Patrick's Day to put out Easter decorations, but I couldn't wait. We are having hurricane winds today, so I had better check this morning to make sure it hasn't blown half the way to Timbuktoo! (You know, I never realized what a dull gray my carpet was until I took these pictures!)

Here is my first shaped puzzle. It was difficult to design it to work within the hat shape, but it was a fun challenge. I think I'll get this one set up in the family room this weekend. It will be a good project for wintry weather!Finally, here is a picture from our trip to Estes Park last weekend. Estes Park is the gateway to Rocky Mountain National park and is an hour's drive away. The town is rather touristy, but the views are spectacular. I was pleasantly surprised to see my Aeropostale line on display in one of the shops!


  1. What beautiful work, Jane! And yes, it's well and tryly time to see flowers again, though some of last summer's have struggled through right our mild winter in my garden and are looking strange alongside the first spring blooms.

    And the hat is a masterpiece - I've never come across shaped puzzles but it sounds like a challenge!