Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Time For....

How do you divide up your time? That is a question I have been struggling with. As a self-employed artist, I don't have a boss who sets a schedule for me. It is up to me to try and figure out the most productive use of my time. Time, there's never enough! How do you balance creating paintings that you are pretty sure will sell, and making time to try different, more experimental works? I know it is important to do both. If we all did the same thing year after year, we'd become pretty bored and stagnant. Yet the clients are always asking for the "same thing you did before that sold so well, except give it a fresh twist!" And are you like me, with a head that is just absolutely bursting with ideas that are crying out to be captured on paper? My agent says I should learn to paint with both hands at once!


  1. It is hard to find balance in the every day things of life. As an artist, I would imagine doing the same thing over and over again would squelch your creativity. Time manages to get away from me each and every day and when I look at the clock, another day is done. I think it is a never ending battle. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Painting 'with both hands at once' - what a brilliant idea! (If only!)

  3. Hi Jane, Life itself is one big balancing act & add in the paintbrush & you know~ Two hands would be better than one. Have a happy creative week!

  4. I understand your quandry.
    Someone once said to me: it is nice to go out fishing, but is it still nice if you go out fishing everyday? We need structure, we need intellectual impulses, we need sharing. The interaction of sharing ideas brings great creativity. I think there will always be the duality.
    Happy weekend,