Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hooray, new samples are here! It is always so much fun to see how a product with my art looks when it is finished. Sometimes it takes so long that I have completely forgotten about it, and then when the samples show up at the door it is a lovely surprise.

Here is a new apron and kitchen towel that will be just perfect for Christmas parties. I especially like how the apron came out. It's my first one! Thanks Pacific Enterprises!

Next we have some new cards. Most of these are from Legacy, but the cute Christmas puppy is from Leanin' Tree. They always make such nice boxed Christmas cards with me, and I love sending them out. I have several out this year, so it will be hard to chose!

Here is a product I have never done before: light switch covers! There are so many of them!

Finally, we have a new rug for Autumn from Evergreen Enterprises. There is also a matching garden flag, but the photo didn't come out for that one. As you can see, last week was like Christmas around here!


  1. Such beautiful products! It's so fun to receive new product samples in the mail. :)
    I'm really curious on how you do such smooth backgrounds like the one with the birds on the rug? Do you use frisket to mask the birds, leaves and flowers and work from there?

  2. Jane, how lovely! I think your lightswitch covers and the apron are my faves. Very, very special. Who did the lightswitch covers and do you know where we can find them? I would love to buy some. Happy autumn!

  3. Congratulations on all the new products they look beautiful!