Friday, July 23, 2010

Atlanta Gift Show

Did you miss me? I have been in Atlanta for work and play. It was time for the summer Atlanta Gift Show. The summer show isn't as big as the winter one, but it was still a very busy time. People were certainly in the mood to buy, which gives me hope for the continued upswing of the economy, and I had many positive meetings with clients.

Highland has manufactured several sets of coasters with my designs. I really liked how they came out and the display stands look good too. I'm going to have enough coasters to last for the rest of my life once the samples arrive! I was especially pleased to see the Sweet Inspirations line pictured in "Gifts and Decorative Accessories" magazine.

And here is my line "Aeropostale" in the Evergreen Enterprises showroom. They have added new pieces to it since the January show. I'm very proud of it. (I am drinking my tea out of one of the cups right now. I'll show them on Teacup Tuesday).

After a long busy day a group of us met for drinks. I enjoyed seeing everyone so much, and meeting some of my "internet friends" for the first time was great. Back row from left to right:
Pudgy little me, Terri Conrad, Martha Collins, Joyce Shelton, Phyllis Dobbs, Sue Zipkin. Front row: BJ Lantz and Carol Eldridge. Kathy Weller, Tammy Browning Smith, and Janet Wecker Frisch were also there, but unfortunately didn't make it into the photo. Getting together was the highlight of the day!


  1. Jane your products look absolutely beautiful.
    I recall passing by the showroom of Highland Graphics and thinking how adorable those coasters were featured in the front. I had not even read all the artist names but was in awe of all this great artwork. I see many are yours and I love them!

    I also recall seeing a sweet bird group in Evergreens showroom and I see it is yours also!!
    Congratulations on all of these great products!

    That picture of me is somewhat scary hahahha
    I wish I had more time to chat with you during the drink.

  2. Jane, it was fun seeing you again in Atlanta. Your products are beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing them up close and personal. Congratulations on the new lines.